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Thank you for visiting our Swish website. Swish proudly offers Shabu Shabu and Sukyiyaki in the las vegas area since 2005. We appreciate everyone that has supported us through the years and hope to see you soon.

Please visit us at 5115 W. Spring Mountain Rd. #121 in the Chinatown area.

Reasons to eat shabu shabu
Healthy - Cooking the beef inside the seaweed based water boils out much of the fat in the meat. It also retains much of the vitamins in the broth from the vegetables boiled in the broth.
Fun - Swishing the meat back and forth and dipping inside sauces, this interactive meal is a fun experience for everyone.
Delicious - Comes with two types of dipping sauce, ponzu sauce is a refreshing citrus based sauce and goma sauce, a sweet sesame sauce based sauce that compliments each other for a delicious meal.

Fun, Healthy and Delicious, Come eat at Swish!

Shabu shabu ã—ゃぶしゃぶ
Boil the vegetables, seafood, or meat inside the seaweed based broth hot pot. Swish the beef back and forth several times and
dip in sauces. An interactive method of dinig, it's light, healthy, fun, and delicious way to enjoy your meal.

Sukiyaki ã™ãç„¼ã
Simmer your vegetables, seafood, or meat inside the skillet with delicious flavor of the Sukiyaki sauce. Beef can be cooked to your liking similar to a steak, rare, medium, or well done. Can customize the flavor by adding condiments. (Garlic/Green Onion/Chili sauce).

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